Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When Sawiris said...It was a JOKE!

I believe that a global entity such like Sawiris's must have requested lots of effert, and deliberate thinking and research before taking any move and for sure expect exactly what will be the consequences...

So we are here in front of a man that knows exactly what he does by heart, knows what to say, when, where and to whom. 
I find all these ideas and fact assumptions about that man contradict sharply whith his last and unjustified behaviour, Sawiris has put two comic photos for Micky mouse with beard and Mini in Muslim Hijab or veil on his twitter wall!!!

When we consider this action as it comes from a man supposed to be presenting himself to Egyptian people as a modern and understanding politician and as one of the post revolution wise thinkers, when we think about all these things we will not reach a calming answer!
How a man claims to be raising freedom and others respect flag comes to such act?!

Then when we try to find some explanations for what he did, we may put different assumptions:
If we assume that he did it out of his understing to self and ideas expression, this will be a very frustrating assumptions, in this case the man's beliefs about freedom needs to be rephrased to know the exact limits of that freedom.

Then we may assume it was a miscalculated move or spontaneous, this will lead us also to wonder how such a man will make a succeful politician or one of the new philosophers, as he claims?!

Then there is the assumption of the intention to provoke and aggravate Muslims so that they take unrelenting stands and actions towards Christians in Egypt, which will give a chance to those waiting in the dark to come and cry "Oh wrold! See how Muslims treat Christians in Egypt!"

Which means that if he made it intentionally, it would be considered as pushing Egypt towards conflicts and controversies. A situation that will act as an aid to those who plan against Egypt. 
Now we are forced to see all this along with the last move of American Coptic Union who called for U.S. sanctions against Egypt!!! 
Do you see any arbitrary moves here?...I will leave the answer for you.

Whatever the reasons for this behavior, it is an act that help to bring more tension to the relationship between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.

Then Mr Sawiris said "Come oooon it was a JOKE ...!
Well, Mr. Sawiris, your JOKE is unacceptable by all means!
However we will be more wise and reasonable and assume no bad intention, but you should know that Religion is not a place for JOKES or humor.

And Egypt, God willing, will remain for all Egyptians...

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  1. Really nice point ..
    I think there must be a red line for religious matters for both Christians and Muslims ..
    To be honest and fair .. Sawiris indeed made a mistake by mocking the Islamic appearance. it's undeniable , but It upsets me as Muslim when I see Muslim Shekh insulting Christians by anyway .. and not to be punished as well !!!!
    As you already said We are all Egyptian and we must respect eachother's beliefs no matter what ..
    Thanks ..