Monday, July 11, 2011

Words must not be for SALE!

Cartoon form Shorouk News...No Comment!
Here I'm stating it clear from the very begining, whomever will take the coming words form himself, he'd better not to read them!

U know what is the best thing about blogging?!

Being FREE! Real FREE...
You and your pen do whatever you want, here you chant, there you shout, then you are a child and later a wise man...whatever you and your pen wish becomes true words.
Writing in itself is a source of pleasure and delight, but these feeling are not for everyone, No, only those enjoy their freedom can feel this way. And for that reason we can say that lots of journalists do not experience these feeling or lack these feelings, as they are bounded with the amount of space given to them, they can see the world and talk to from the windows aloocated to them and of course these windows will not let all the air and sunlight in!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When Sawiris said...It was a JOKE!

I believe that a global entity such like Sawiris's must have requested lots of effert, and deliberate thinking and research before taking any move and for sure expect exactly what will be the consequences...

So we are here in front of a man that knows exactly what he does by heart, knows what to say, when, where and to whom. 
I find all these ideas and fact assumptions about that man contradict sharply whith his last and unjustified behaviour, Sawiris has put two comic photos for Micky mouse with beard and Mini in Muslim Hijab or veil on his twitter wall!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Egypt is Back to Egyptians, BUT!

 25th Januray came to Egypt with new atmospher we are not used to, atmospher in which everyone now feels more than anytime before that he or she is free. Be able to express thoughts, ideas, rejections or agreement. Before, this was something really dangerous, just try to say something doesn't make "The Other Folk" happy and you and your family will hate the day you came to this life. That was before, but now it is totally different, everybody talks talks talks. And here is the probelm, if we all talk in the same time, we will not be able to listen for each other!